Andy Gudgeon

Welcome to my website. I am Andy Gudgeon. My focus is to enable individuals, teams and small groups within organisations to make a difference. I do this by creating bespoke interventions that lead to behavioural change; change that makes a difference.  It is my belief that change in organisation comes through changing behaviour; and small changes can make a big difference.  I do my work using a blended approach that embraces consultation, leadership and management theory and best practices, business psychology, psychometric assessments, NLP, facilitation, coaching, teaching and anything else which will lead to making a difference. This blended approach is delivered through practical, real-time, knowledge based and experiential based seminars, workshops and talks, and one-to-one and team coaching often embracing leadership and team development.

My wish is that you will find something of interest on my website, and you will want to talk with me more as to how I could potentially make a difference working with you.