The work I do embraces consulting, designing and leading workshops and seminars, facilitation and individual and group coaching.  The process used invariably embraces consultation, assessment, input (evidence and theory), discussion, practices, in-work practices, follow-up, and evaluation.

In my seminars and workshops, all of which are highly participatory, to optimise the impact of new practices, I use and blend a variety of approaches, including:  teaching (providing theoretical inputs that provide structures to enable understanding, and then practical processes that enable the theoretical inputs to be of practical relevance and use), facilitation of group processes, coaching, conversation (dialogue), demonstration, group work, pair work and personal reflective practice.  Pertinent real-world practical examples – I use story – are also used to illustrate and develop a deeper understanding.   Further, I offer real-time feedback, challenge and support with the intent of facilitating learning, and to maintain the momentum of emergent action points.

When coaching (and when I am supervising coaches) much of my work goes beyond theory, tools and techniques, although these are referred to and used, where appropriate.  Focus is on presence, attention, listening, asking powerful questions and offering real-time feedback, challenge and support to challenge assumptions and to elicit from a client the insights they need to move from where they are, to where they want to be, then to work with them to create practical steps for action, which are then embedded into the business, and the impact, the return on investment, of these action steps are assessed.

My approach can provide the potential for clients to make a difference and make remarkable returns on their investment of themselves in the organisations in which they work.  If you would like to know more, please contact me.