What I do

The story of what I do is simple.  Because of who I am in terms of what I can offer, my focus is on the human element in the world of work, especially emotional intelligence, team and leadership.  That is, the focus is on you, and how you get things done through yourself and others, and make a difference within the context within which you work, and the outcomes you aspire to achieve.

It begins with defining what it is you want to achieve – develop yourself to be the best you can be, create high performing team, create a great business, or all three.  Then we work on how you can make this happen.  One thing is for sure, you’ll need to make this happen working with and through other people, and that’s where I come in.

My approach to working with you is informed by what you tell me about the context within which you work and what you want to achieve.  Once this is done we will need to identify who will work with you to make something happen (your stakeholders). Next, and the powerhouse behind what I do is emotional intelligence (EI) and how this drives people engagement – engagement of those people who will work with you to make something happen.  Working in honing your EI naturally develops your leadership capability, which you can then use to create high performing team, and this high performing team can then create and deliver the great business you want to achieve.  To develop this sequence of events, the narrative, of what I do, I ask questions:

Usually, we start at the bottom step and then move up one step at a time.  But, you can choose to start at any step.  But, each step taken is one step in moving towards your ultimate outcome, that is creating great business and your own, your team’s, and your business’s success.

What underpins how I do what I do are robust, practical theories and real-time experiences, based around psychological preference, interpersonal needs and conflict handling modes, all of which are based on many years of research and practical application.  But, importantly the difference that makes the difference is how you blend the outputs of these practical theories and real-time experiences to create your own emotional intelligence, leadership, team and business success.  This is what I can help you with.

The manner in which these practical theories and real-time experiences are integrated within the context within which you are working, and the outcome you want to achieve depends on whether we are working one-to-one, in which case I’d use coaching and teaching; or whether we’re working together with your team, in which case I’d use a combination of coaching, teaching and facilitation.

Crafting a solution to optimise your emotional intelligence, leadership, team and business success in this way, and not simply ‘painting by numbers’, as it were, I have a proven track record in offering remarkable returns on the investment in doing so.  For example:

Working with a fragmented and dysfunctional senior leadership team, my approach enabled them first to create and engage with a common team purpose.  Second, to then create a clear vision, mission and strategy.  Third, to engage their teams with this vision, mission and strategy to want to grow the business.

A leadership development intervention resulted in a shift in the behaviour of one Executive Director from aggressive to assertive. First, they optimised their engagement with their team, which led to greater staff retention.  This retention meant an earlier product launch and additional sales worth millions of pounds.

A series of executive coaching sessions with a Senior Operations Manager (SOM), developed their delegation behaviour, so deepening their engagement with their team. This created for the SOM circa twenty percent more time, which they used to create a new business stream with potential sales of several million pounds.

These examples demonstrate building competence and mastery; making an impact; finding meaning and significance in how to work with others, and a real sense of duty to engaging others in making a difference, and all have led to personal, team and organisational success.

What we create in terms of a solution to optimise your emotional intelligence, leadership, team and business success will be bespoke to your needs.  We’ll start with a pencil and some paper to capture and shape a solution to whatever you bring; a solution that will make a difference.  What I offer is simple yet advanced; it is real-time yet looks to the future; it is practical yet has a back-bone of theoretical rigour; and we will work together to ensure that it is be based on a clear outcome that is embedded in your organisation.