About Me

Brief professional biography and key influences
I am Andy Gudgeon, and who I am is how I coach, facilitate and teach. I was formerly a leader, manager and project manager in industry. I am now a coaching, teaching and research psychologist; executive coach; facilitator; NLP Trainer and educator. My expertise is in human behavioural change. My passion is making a difference and being useful to whomever I work with. I live in rural Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom, and am a father of three sons.

I gained twenty-two years work place experience in both senior strategic and operational functional leadership and management, as well as senior international project leadership and management, working in small, medium and large multinational, simple and complex, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical service companies.  This experience embraced strategic, operational, project, financial, business development and people accountabilities.  For the last four years of these twenty-two years, I moved into a recruitment business, a role that was leading, developing and managing a significant part of the company’s business.  From January 2000 I have led my own company (agcl).  And, from 1992 I have been a part-time Associate Lecturer with the Open University in both the Faculty of Social Sciences, and the Open University Business School in the Faculty of Business and Law.

Influences that shape why I work in the way I do, what I do and how I do it have come from many sources.  From my research; modeling excellence from others; from my own experiences as a leader and manager and project manager in industry and as an independent practitioner running my own small business; from teaching “Making a Difference” at a university business school.  And, in addition, from my continuing professional development – I am a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, a Chartered Psychologist, a Registered Coaching Psychologist, Certified NLP Coach, Certified Time To Think Coach, and a Certified Systemic Coach and Facilitator.  I also have qualification in coach supervision, teaching in adult and higher education, and psychometric assessment.

During my career in industry, my knowledge, experience and presence as a leader and manager was used to inspire and lead individuals to work together as members of functional, matrix or dispersed international teams.  It was the utilisation through coaching and facilitation of the human potential within these teams that enabled us to shape and execute strategic and operational initiatives that were often completed ahead of time, well within budget, and always met or exceeded quality standards.  This often meant shaping a vision and making things happen through being fully aware of business priorities and systems in which the teams were required to operate.  Using this wider awareness enabled teams to think outside of the boundaries of a problem situation and move to agreed action quickly.

And, now in my present role this continues in that I have many thousands of logged hours consulting, coaching, facilitating and teaching leaders and managers to find ways forward to find resolutions to problem situations in “real time”; shaping and executing solutions, influencing and building relationships, and developing leadership presence and well-being – all-in-all, making a difference.

Another significant set of experiences that have shaped what I do has been gained from the martial arts. I am a black belt in both Judo and JuJitsu.

BSc(Hons) in Psychology, MSc in Applied Psychology, MSc in Medical Statistics
Diploma in Systems Practice
Accredited Coaching Psychologist
Certified NLP Coach
Certified Time To Think Coach
Practitioner Certificate in Systemic Coaching and Facilitation
Accredited Coach Supervisor
Certified NLP Practitioner
Certified NLP Master Practitioner
Certified NLP Trainer
Certified LAB Practitioner
Diploma in Performance Coaching
Diploma in Coaching Supervision
Diploma in Hypnotherapy
Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education
East Anglian Advisory Council Stage I and Stage II Certificate in Adult Education
BPS Level A and Full Level B Statements of Competence in Occupational Testing

Professional Recognition 
Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Scientist, and Associate Fellow, British Psychological Society (BPS), Founder Member, BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology
Registered Coaching Psychologist (BPS)
Specialist in Test Use: Occupational (BPS)
Principal Member, Association of Business Psychologists
Full Member (Practitioner), British Association for Psychological Type
Full Accreditation, International Society for Coaching Psychology
Full Accreditation, Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision
Full Accreditation, Association for Coaching (Master Executive Coach)
Full Member, Time To Think Collegiate
Full Accreditation, Coaching Supervision Academy
Full Member, Association of Coaching Supervisors
Full Member, International Association of Facilitators
Full Member, Professional Guild of NLP
Professional and Coach Member, Association for NLP
Full Member, General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
Full Member, Association for Project Management
Fellow, Chartered Management Institute
Fellow, Higher Education Academy