About Me

Testimonials, responses to evaluation forms, on-going re-engagements with clients all demonstrate that I am trusted as a consultant, executive coach, coach supervisor, facilitator and executive educator.

How, what I have studied and learned, my work experiences and who I am and what I do now are connected.  Below I have outlined some of the experiences that I draw on to support my approach.  The footer offers a flavour of the professional qualifications and recognitions I bring too.

From a more personal place.  I am a partner, father, friend and work colleague.  Family, friends and work colleagues are very important to me.  People are important to me.

Despite my quiet gravitas, you will hear my voice in the room when I have something useful to say.  I am playful with a great sense of humour; curious: straight talking, and courageous in that I challenge what I see and hear if this is appropriate yet I am accepting; and compassionate.  I am competitive, being a black belt in both Judo and Jujitsu, and as a junior was a National Judo Champion.  Yet, when working with others I know the value of collaboration and seeking win-win outcomes.

To relax I love to be with family and friends; to garden; to listen to music; to watch movies, and mooch around art galleries and foreign cities, meeting people that are very different to me.  But, I also like to be active.  I town cycle.  I trek cycle too.  I practice qigong and yoga.  I love to ramble in the outdoors.