(The room was small with two chairs, white walls a small window. The person I was coaching entered the room. She saw the empty seat, and sat down.)

Hello, my name is Andy Gudgeon. I’m very pleased to be working with you this afternoon.

Hello. Shall we get started?

Okay. Before we do, can I just check if there is anything you wish to know before we start?


So, we have a whole two-hours. What would be a good outcome at the end of the two hours, such that you would consider the two-hours to have been well spent?

(The person, slipped down in the chair. Their head went back. Twenty-two minutes later, their head came forward.)

I don’t know.

Well, if you did know what would be a good outcome?

(The person’s head went back. Sixty minutes later their head came forward. The person offered three possibilities.)

Of these three possibilities, which one, if you focused attention on it, and worked with it in some way now, would when you shifted it in some way, would make the biggest difference to your business? The person’s head went back.

We have just a few minutes remaining. When you’re ready come back into the room.

Thank you.

This will be a first, but I’m wondering if this session has been useful to you?

It’s been the best two-hours of development time in my entire career. Thank you.

Four questions. Silence. And, my presence. (During the silence I noticed tension, relaxation, shallow breathing, deep breathing, changes in skin colour from ashen white to ruby red. And, more.)

Just how do you use silence and your presence to create an environment for a person to do what they need to do?